Friday, 19 January 2018

Go on, join us - you know you want to...

As a club with such a rich history in hockey, the previous Old Ed’s women’s team were made up of several national and provincial players, the ladies side of 2017 were looking forward to proving their worth.

Under fantastic leadership of the committee, the Old Ed’s ladies side began the season with a 9-0 victory. 

The start was indicative of the season ahead. After finishing second in the league, with only two losses throughout the season, including playoffs, the team was promoted. 

After boasting a squad of sixteen, all of whom added to the tally of seventy six goals scored in eighteen games, we say goodbye to Sam Thorne, the intrepid manager and forward as well as to Natalie Duligal, who was awarded the Most Improved Player of the 2017 season.

Looking to continue Old Ed’s  fine form in hockey in 2018 and as well as spearheading a movement where the club offers places to energetic school girls and seasoned hockey players, we hope to grow the ladies side into a big enough squad where we can host two sides; one competing in the second league and one in the fourth league.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Call for Nominations for the Position of President of the Old Edwardian Society

The ever dynamic Richard McEvoy (president 2015 - 2017).
At Old Edwardian Society's AGM held on 11 December 2017 important changes were made to the Constitution in respect of the position of the Society's President.
The most important change is that the requirements needed by the candidate have been changed in order to allow a greater number of members to be eligible to hold this position.

As a result, the President of the Society now only needs to:
  • Be a member of good standing of the Society of not less than five years of consecutive membership if a past pupil of King Edward VII Schools, or 
  • Be a member of good standing of the Society of not less than ten years of consecutive membership if not a past pupil of King Edward VII Schools.
Since the manner of electing the President has largely remained unchanged, in that an electoral college consisting of the Executive Committee of the Society and the Chairpersons of the Sub-Clubs of the Society elects the President from nominations received from the Society, the Executive hereby requests members of the Society to submit nominations to the Administrator ( by no later than 17H00 on Tuesday, 23 January 2018.

Please note that all nominations must be accompanied by a letter of acceptance as signed by the nominee.

All members, should however note that no person may accept nomination or appointment as the President if to his knowledge he is ineligible or disqualified from being a director of companies in terms of section 69 (8) of the Companies Act No. 71 of 2008.

Please be mindful that when nominating the President of the Society the following should be considered (not limited to); 
  • Conduct oneself fitting of such an Honour
  • Attendance of all monthly Executive Meetings
  • Attendance of all monthly Sub Club Meetings
  • Be an active member on the Society Executive
  • Attendance of all ceremonial and general Society and Sub Club functions and events
  • Present an annual report at the Society Annual General Meeting
  • Attendance of the Society Traditions Committee meetings  
  • Attendance of all ceremonial King Edward VII Preparatory (KEPS) and King Edward VII School (KES) functions and events
  • Laying of the Society wreath at the School’s annual Armistice memorial service held at the School Cenotaph
  • Attendance of all King Edward Educational Trust (KEET) quarterly meetings held at the School
  • Represent the Society at KEET functions and events

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The swimming pool is looking good.

With all the problems experienced last year with the pool, it is great to see Old Edwardian Society's pool looking so good.

Certainly the boys from KEPS and KES enjoyed taking to the waters for some good water polo training.

A fun time was had by all.

All members should note that the pool may be used by any fully-paid-up Society member.

Please contact the office on 011 728 7335 for more details.